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  • The most trustable KhaiEL

    KhaiEL is discovering innovative bio and chemical technologies and providing optimized solutions for customer needs to realize the technology for the environment and the future.

    KhaiEL CI is designed with a combination of non-decorative typeface and passionate red color, to symbolize the trust that is essential when applying innovative technologies to the field.

Share Innovation

  • Share experiences and knowledge, it’s true innovation.

    KhaiEL works together with long term partners who have their unique technologies all over the world.

    This cooperation with partners for R&D and sharing information gives more synergy for both parties and it leads KhaiEL to supply more Innovative technology and items for customers. Entering into long-term relationships based on mutual trust and aimed at a mutual benefit, that’s THE KhaiEL’s Promises.

    Sharing our experiences, knowledge with our partners, We think it is a truly innovative relationship.

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