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Our Solution

We provide Technical solutions, Advanced specialties, Innovative products.
We are always ready to share our special experiences and grow your bussiness together.


  • Chemical solution

    - Technology for waste emulsion treatment.(oil in water/ water in oil)

    - Technology for heavy metal removal (in water/gas), especially for element Hg fix.

    - Natural based biological coagulant to replace PAC.

  • Device solution

    - Full automatic control system for waste emulsion treatment.

    - Physical technology to clean the running fresh emulsion and extending emulsion life time.

    - Technology for removal and long term inhibition of lime scale in the field of cooling tower, boiler system, etc.

    - Energy system to transfer energy into water for application of agriculture, cosmetic, and drinking water.

  • Innovative products

    ELIME is based on nature. In the presence of water, it slowly dissolves limescale and prevents the formation of new limescale. It is applied towards various applications and reduces maintenance and operating costs significantly.


  • Fertilizer

    KhaiEL GmbH has developed Earth Foods (EF) with the aim to promote pollution-free green farming, which prevents the excessive reliance on chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides, and protect our environment and human health.

  • Bio degreadable plastic

    KhaiEL GmbH and Earth Nuture from USA have started joint company named ENA Biotec, Ltd since.

    All plastic items produced using ENA additive are fourth generation MICROBIODEGRADABLE plastic products.


  • Flame retardant

    - High Quality Halogen-free / Environment-friendly

    - Non-toxic / Cost effective

    - Application : PUD, TPU, all plactic

  • Additive for Spandex

    - Additive for Spandex to bring better elasticity

    - Better hear resistance

    Provides extended heat stability and protects physical properties.

  • High quality silver ion

    - High quality silver ion based antimicrobial product (Different from Nano-silver)

    - Long lasting durability

    - Superior safety

    - High hear resistance / over 500 C

  • Special bio-degradation additive

    BMX™ is specially designed additive for complete bio-degradation of polyolefin.

    BMX™ EL-MF is additive for degradation of PLA

    - Cost effective

    - Application : Bag, packaging, many application of plastics

& Health

  • Raw material for cosmetic

    - Low odor cosmetic raw material

    - High quality functional raw material for cosmetic

    - Application : skin care, hair care, nail care etc

  • Drug-Releasing Micro Needle

    - Drug-Releasing Micro Needle

    - Improved Microneedle Technology for Trans Dermal Delivery of the Bioactive Molecules

    - Wrinkle Care / Whitening Effect

  • Skin care spray

    - Skin spray based on living water

    - Only mineral without preservative

    - Solution for Face too dry / Skin peeling off / Itchy

  • Diabetes supplement

    Raphalife herbs has the significant healing effect, especially on diabetes patient. With the supporting document of HbA1c report from patients for the past six years, it is proven that the patients have completely free from diabetes after consuming “Raphalife herbs”. Thus, it is advisable for a diabetes patient to go for a blood test before start consuming this product.

& Distribution

  • Customizing business

    KhaiEL GmbH provide custom manufacturing products for customers who are looking for special molecule of product worldwide.

  • Distribution business

    KhaiEL GmbH also work as distributor mainly for Asian market by cooperating with worldwide suppliers.

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