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  • Raw materials for cosmetics

    KLAREL is raw materials for cosmetics, our vision is supplying a variety of ingredients "High purity & Fineness for beauty". KLAREL series comprise -diols, stabilizers and emulsifiers which are powerful, significantly effective for your beauty products.

  • Applications

    - Skin care

    - Hair care

    - Color Cosmetics

    - Oral care

    - Deodorants

  • Advantages

    ProductINCI nameFunction
    KLAREL PD-SPentylene GlycolHumectant, Solvent
    KLAREL HD-S1,2-HexanediolHumectant, Solvent
    KLAREL MD-SMethylpropanediolHumectant, Solvent
    KLAREL ODCaprylyl GlycolHumectant, Emollient
    KLAREL EHGEthylhexylglycerinHumectant, Emollient
    KLAREL IDDIsododecaneSolvent
    KLAREL IHDIsohexadecaneEmollient
    KLAREL RF-1Acrylate CopolymerRheology Modifier
    KLAREL RF-VAcrylate CopolymerRheology Modifier
    KLAREL RFS-2Dihydrogenated Tallow Phthalic Acid AmineSuspending Agent
    KLAREL SF-65Sodium Cocoyl IsethionateEmulsifier
    KLAREL SF-80Sodium Cocoyl IsethionateEmulsifier
    KLAREL SF-85Sodium Cocoyl IsethionateEmulsifier

    The diols are suitable for a variety range of applications as humectant, solvent and emollient. Most of them are colorless, odorless with high purity, it is essential for cosmetic industry. Especially KLAREL HD-S, PD-S are effective additives to replace preservatives because they have antimicrobial properties. You can make paraben free solution in your formulations. Other KLAREL diols are also multifunctional, they act an excellent moisturizing agent, skin conditioning agent and support stronger preservative system for your cosmetics. If you would like to make it special, we suggest you blending our diols.

    KLAREL IDD, IHD have good functions as emollient, solvent and apply to wide range of cosmetics. They give good skin feel and improve the spread-ability to beauty products. Feeling is lighter but not clogging your pores, you can apply it from skin care to color cosmetics etc.

    KLAREL RF is rheology modifier which is having good stability and suspending. Even when KLAREL RF-1 is freezing, it is back to the original conditions at room temperature, you can use it. Also it does not occur lumps so your workers can use it easier, they do not shake it before putting into the production line. KLAREL SF is mild surfactant which is derived from coconut acid. It is based on fatty acid from natural, renewable coconut oil and has high active contents. You can give gloss to your products to use this only. It has low irritation, you can apply to baby products.

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